Independent Living Skills Development

NWCCI staff will work with you to set a goal for living well in the community and develop an Independent Living Plan for reaching your goal. We pull together the services, resources and tools that are useful for realizing your goals. Independent living skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Budgeting, bill paying, and organizing mail
  • Advertising, interviewing, hiring, and training personal care attendants
  • Putting together grocery lists, planning for shopping trips and other daily activities
  • Choosing from among potential service providers and coordinating supports
  • Accessing and learning how to use assistive technology devices
  • Securing benefits, medical care, and related services
  • Learning about and engaging in social and recreational opportunities
  • Receiving technical assistance with employment-related skills

Cooking Group

NWCCI offers a cooking group where people come together to fine tune their skills in the kitchen. We focus on healthy, affordable recipes that you can prepare at home. Here you will learn about kitchen safety, nutrition, and more! 

Visit our Cooking Group Calendar to see upcoming sessions and RSVP 

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