When you shop with https://smile.amazon.com/, Amazon® donates to the charitable organization of your choice without further cost to you. Please support our efforts by selecting ‘NWCCI’.

Do you shop at City Market? Please visit https://www.citymarket.com/topic/city–market-community-rewards and click ‘enroll now’ then ‘create account’. Follow the remaining steps and City Market will support NWCCI with every swipe of your value card at no additional cost to you!

Colorado Gives, a Community First Foundation, also offers the option to select NWCCI as a tax deductible, charitable donation. Please visit Colorado Gives and to see the simple steps to supporting the nonprofits of Colorado. 

All funds donated to NWCCI are tax deductible and will be put to work supporting people with disabilities and seniors to reach goals for living well in our communities.

Check out our Campaign Letter for more information on the work NWCCI is doing,

and please consider ways in which you can be a part in supporting these efforts!

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