• Community Forums – Informational events are facilitated to bridge gaps between service providers and people who use such services, creating dialogue among all parties. Here, service providers come prepared with information about what supports are offered and field questions from those who are interested.
  • Action Groups – People with disabilities, seniors and agencies/organizations providing community-based services, coming together in a coordinated effort to realize more inclusive, accessible and accommodating opportunities.
  • Inclusion workshops – NWCCI provides training for businesses, organizations, and individuals through workshops designed to raise awareness and realize more inclusive communities. We believe an inclusive community is a healthy community. We provide information on disability etiquette, reasonable accommodations, services and supports in the community through an interactive, participatory learning process.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (‘ADA’) Technical Assistance – NWCCI works with businesses, organizations and government agencies to develop an ADA transition plan for becoming more inclusive, accessible and accommodating. We work with you to come into compliance with ADA requirements in a way that is reasonable and does not incur undue financial or administrative burden. In the process NWCCI provides an assessment and works with you to access tax incentives and other resources to achieve the steps laid out in an ADA transition plan.

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