Our Independent Philosophy

The NorthWest Colorado Center for Independence (NWCCI) works with people to achieve their goals for living well in more inclusive and healthy communities. We strive to foster communities where natural supports can supplant the need for institutional care and minimize reliance on service providers.

NWCCI offers free services to seniors and people with disabilities who would like to identify and accomplish their goals through an Independent Living Plan. Our staff works with—not for—people, to establish objectives and develop actionable tasks, duties, and responsibilities. It is vital that the individual chooses and directs their services in this process. The process includes bringing together family, friends, advocates and service providers with clear roles in supporting the individual in the implementation of their plan. 

We are people with disabilities working here at NWCCI who are living well in our communities. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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In order to assist people with disabilities, we offer services in the following areas:


We work with you to develop the skills for choosing and directing your own supports to reach your goal for living well in the community.


NWCCI advocates will work with you to set a goal for living well in the community and develop an Independent Living Plan for reaching your goal.


NWCCI works with existing service providers to become more inclusive, accessible and accommodating.

The NWCCI Team

Meet the people that are going to assist with your individual needs.

Kristin Selby

Independent Living Coordinator – Routt County

James Higgins

Independent Living Specialist – Routt County

Carlos Santos

Independent Living Coordinator – Summit County

Lianne Jackson

Independent Living Coordinator – Summit County

Mary Housley

Independent Living Coordinator – Grand County

Lisa Wieland

Independent Living Coordinator – Grand County

Ashley Simonet

Independent Living Coordinator – Moffat County

Staci Nichols

Independent Living Coordinator – Moffat County

Colleen Quinn

Benefits Advocate – Routt County

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